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The ASU Advanced Computing Center (A2C2) is transitioning its financial model from the current rental model to a participatory model – the Community Cluster Program – to provide a sustainable future for research computing at ASU. Over the next several years we aim to operate a significant shared cluster computing infrastructure developed through focused acquisitions using funds from sponsored research grants, faculty start-up packages, and modest institutional sources. These researcher supported community clusters aim to be the foundation of ASU’s research cyberinfrastructure. Our new community cluster program is modeled on similar, successful programs at several institutions including Purdue, Clemson, Indiana, Utah, and Stanford.

Goal: To partner with researchers to purchase a new cluster every year starting in December 2014.


July 1, 2014:  The A2C2 ceased its annual 10,000 free cpu-hour program. This program was designed eight years ago as an incentive program to encourage faculty to partner with A2C2 on purchase new clusters. The uptake on that incentive has been very small, and eight years is long enough for this incentive program.

July 20, 2014:  The A2C2 will stop selling cpu-hours at $0.01/core-hour. To purchase cpu hours prior to July 20th, please contact Marisa Brazil at to fulfill your request.

From now until December 2014 researchers may buy in to the new 2014 community cluster at $1,000 per core. The terminology “per core” is shorthand for providing the core itself, the high-speed interconnect fabric, access to high-speed scratch disk, access to next-generation 100 Gbps capable networking within a Science DMZ floor space, racks, power, cooling, and professional operations and software expertise.

Benefits: We strongly encourage any ASU faculty or staff with computational needs to join this growing community and enjoy the enormous benefits a centralized shared infrastructure provides, including:

Peace of Mind:  A2C2 professional operations and software staff take care of operating system upgrades, hardware repair, security patches, and software stack upgrades so faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students can concentrate on research.

Low Overhead:  A2C2’s data center provide infrastructure such as networking, racks, floor space, cooling, and power.

Cost Effective:  A2C2 works with vendors to obtain the best price for computing resources by pooling funds from different disciplines to leverage greater group purchasing power.  As an initial incentive for the Community Cluster Program, the A2C2 will match every core purchased by a researcher. You buy one, we’ll buy one for you. The more cores you purchase, the larger say you have in the design of the new cluster to be purchased in December 2014.


Community Cluster Program FAQ

You can find frequently asked questions here.