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CPU Hours Purchase Request Form


Purchase CPU Hours

Although many users find that the base allocation of 10,000 CPU hours (directly deposited into your account annually) is sufficient for their research, other users may need to purchase additional hours for ongoing research projects.

The current charge for additional CPU hours for internal users is at the rate of $0.01 per CPU-hour (rate subject to change) and may be purchased by completing the form below. The information that you will need before completing your purchase is:

  • The number of CPU hours you wish to purchase
  • The name of your account on the Saguaro system
  • The ASU account that you would like to be billed
  • The name of your department’s authorized account signer or business manger
  • Any additional instructions or notes

Once your request has been made, your account will be billed and your hours deposited in your account. You will receive a confirmation response once the transaction has taken place. Please allow 3 business day for your transaction to be completed. (Note: Please allow extra time if you have submitted your request over the weekend.) . If you have any questions or an emergency request, please contact Marisa Brazil.

CPU Time Policy

There are two tiers of allocations for CPU time:

  • Base Allocations
  • Purchased Allocations

Base Allocations of 10,000 CPU hours are provided annually to all ASU faculty members who have an account on our system.
Allocations should be tracked by principal investigator (i.e. a faculty members’ usage includes all of their graduate students and postdocs).

Purchased Allocations are additional CPU hours above and beyond the base allocation that a faculty member may purchase. The rate CPU hour for FY13 for internal users is $0.01 per CPU-hour and is subject to change. Purchases can take the form of direct charges for cycles or through contributions of hardware (there is flexibility in the type of charge to support most agency grant programs). A2C2 staff are happy to work with faculty to incorporate the most appropriate mechanism in research proposals.