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A2C2 is pleased to announce the availability of a storage system designed to meet the data storage needs of ASU researchers. We recently acquired a 1.5 PB capable storage system and upgraded our network connection to the rest of campus from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps to handle large-scale data transfers. Storage will be offered on an annual basis, allowing flexibility in meeting data storage needs – some years you may need a lot, some years you may not need as much.

Storage may be purchase up-front from one to four years, for a low $100 per TB/yr, with a minimum storage purchase of 1 TB.
NOTE: This is primary spinning disk storage, and while this is a raid array system, there is no backup or archival storage. Both will be coming in the near future.

Once your request has been made, your account will be billed and your TBs deposited in your account. You will receive a confirmation response once the transaction has taken place. Please allow 3 business day for your transaction to be completed. (Note: Please allow extra time if you have submitted your request over the weekend.) .

Please contact Marisa Brazil at with any questions related to your storage purchase.