Proposal Support

A2C2 provides proposal support assistance to our research community, particularly in the form of “letters of support,” answering questions and discussion of the support that we can provide on grants that require advanced computing resources. Below is the “letter of support” template that we can customize specifically to your grant and verbiage that can add to your proposal. Contact us at if you have specific questions or if you require a customized “letter of support” for your grant proposal; please provide the name of your proposal, the funding agency that you will submit your proposal to and your contact information.



The A2C2 represents ASU’s investment in centralized research computing via high-performance and high-throughput computing with about 4000 cores with high-speed Infiniband interconnects and high-memory computing with a 32 core 1TB RAM symmetric multiprocessing machine. All of the compute nodes have access to 400TB of high-speed scratch storage and 1.5PB of spinning disk primary storage. These compute and storage resources are connected via a 10 Gbps fiber link to the rest of campus and to ASU’s 100 Gbps Internet2 Innovation Platform network. The data center in Goldwater 167 is a 1600 sq ft facility with 750 kW of power, 54 F 46 gpm chilled water, and 69 F 16,000 cfm chilled air. In addition to the physical infrastructure, the A2C2 hosts a team of advanced operations professionals who lead the coordination of the hardware, software stack, and network cyberinfrastructure.

This proposal seeks to purchase “N” cpu-hours at $0.01/cpu-hour for “M” years.