About A2C2

Why A2C2?

Computation is increasingly central to progress at the frontiers of almost every scientific discipline and to our most challenging feats of engineering. Computer-based simulation enables researchers to predict the behavior of complex systems that are beyond the reach of our most powerful experimental probes or our most sophisticated theories. Computational modeling has greatly advanced the understanding of fundamental processes of nature.

We can now design novel catalysts and high-efficiency engines on computers. Through modeling and simulation, we are able to explore the interior of stars and learn how protein machines work inside living cells. A2C2s high performance computing facilities provide the laboratories for researchers to engage and solve the challenging problems that affect ASU, Arizona, the Southwest, and our Nation.

We offer a range of services to ASU researchers and industry partners including cycles, storage, networks, software, and intellectual capital.


Leading advanced computing communities with discovery and innovation.


The A2C2 provides transformative advanced computing solutions, in a cost-effective manner, to support the University’s mission and goals as they apply to research, education, and public service.