A2C2 in the News

Commodity track results

On the Commodity side of the tracks (where students could only spend $2,500 on their cluster), the LINPACK competition has been translated into a lowest cost per GFLOP.

  • “Team Sun Devil (Arizona State University) topped, or rather, bottomed, the other competitors with a cost/GFLOP of $4.99. The total tab for their system was $2,472.80, meaning that their LINPACK score was 495.55 GFLOP/s.” – theregister.co.uk – Read More..
  • “Arizona Student Team Achieves $4.99 per Gigaflop” – insidehpc.com – Read More..
  • “And the winners are… Lowest Cost Per Flop Award: Arizona State University (Team Sun Devil)” – www.hpcwire.com – Read More..


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