Academic Courses


A2C2 is dedicated to supporting the educational and research needs of our advanced computing community. We offer a variety of world class training opportunities in high performance computing that are aimed at all levels of users, from beginners to HPC experts. Our series of workshops offered every semester, an introduction to advanced computing presentation is available monthly and 1:1 training on how to utilize our system is available by appointment. In addition, these educational opportunities are available to members within our community.Members of our staff are willing to provide a brief overview of high performance computing and information about how scientific research is performed on our supercomputer to community schools and clubs.

Academic Courses

The following ASU academic courses will be taught for credit during the academic year:

MAE598/APM525 – High Performance Scientific ComputingCourse description: Supercomputer architectures, parallel programming environments, languages, libraries, and algorithms for high-performance numerical simulations. Instructor/Department approval is required for this course.
CSE 494/598 – Introduction to High Performance ComputingCourse description: This course provides a thorough understanding of SMP, MPP and GPU computing methods with additional background in the various computational paradigms and their specific implementation on HPC systems. A tentative syllabus can be found here: cse598syllabus12
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