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A2C2 User Community

The A2C2 user community consists of students, faculty and staff from the ASU community and our advanced computing partners in academia and industry. It encompasses a variety of disciplines and research interests, including engineering, computer science, physics, and business just to name a few. Our user community has typically met annually to gather feedback and discuss issues relative to advanced computing. Beginning in September 2011, formal meetings of the user community will take place at least twice a year.

In addition to using the advanced computing resources provided by A2C2, our staff will engage our user community in taking an active advisory role in guiding improvements in our resources and services. Although this is a great opportunity to find out what is new with the A2C2 and to provide feedback, we encourage and welcome feedback at any time and are open to scheduling additional meetings, as necessary. In addition, please feel free to contact us at (480) 727-0536 or email us at


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Call to Showcase Your Research

A2C2 would like to invite our user community to showcase the research enabled by our facility and supercomputer on our new high definition monitor, which is located in the lobby of the Goldwater Center (GWC) and on our online research gallery on the A2C2 website. Please stop by the GWC lobby to see some of the great images that have already been shared with us by our research community. The materials we are requesting for display include graphics, charts, images, and videos. In addition, A2C2 has information design services available to help our user community create information graphics, charts and diagrams, 2D visual materials for presentations and publications and more!


If your organization is interested in discussing potential educational or outreach activities, please contact Marisa Brazil at