Supported Research

Research Projects

Researchers across ASU utilize A2c2 resources to compute data for major research projects. Below is just a small sampling of the types of research projects that have been supported and enabled by A2C2. A partial list of supported research projects is available in PDF.

The statistical mechanics of bed load sediment transport: Meshing theory, experiments and advanced computations of coupled fluid-particle behavior – PI: Schmeeckle, Mark
Sponsor: National Science Foundation, Division of Earth Sciences, Duration: 09/01/2012-08/31/2016, Amount: $170,287

Quantum Monte Carlo calculations for nucleon systems – PI: Schmidt
Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF PHY-1067777), Duration: July 2011-June 2014, Amount: $330,000

Entire Bladed Disk Damping through Dampers on only a few Blades – Fail-Safe Optimization – PI: Mignolet, Marc P.
Sponsor: GUIde Consortium – Air Force Research Laboratory, Duration: 09/02/2009-09/01/2013

Modeling Heating Effects in Low-Power Multi-Gate SOI Devices and High-Power GaN HEMTs – PI: Vasileska, D. and S. M. Goodnick
Sponsor: NSF ECS, Duration 06/01/2009-05/31/2012, Amount:$306,185

CAREER: Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Macro-Films in Integrated Systems – PI: Jiang, Hanqing
Sponsor: NSF CAREER, Duration: 03/01/09-02/28/14, Amount: $400,235

Nanothermodynamics applied to thermal processes in heterogeneous materials – PI: Chamberlin
Sponsor: DOD- Army Research Office, Duration: 07/01/2008 – 30/06/2012, Amount: $184,000

User Publications Facilitated by A2C2

A2C2 is committed to enabling our user community’s scientific research with our advanced computing resources. Please contact our department at and let us know if your research has been published.

A list of past research publications facilitated by A2C2 resources is available in PDF.

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