A2C2 System Resources

The A2C2 represents ASU’s investment in centralized research computing and supports (a) high-performance computing with about 1,200 cores interconnected with high-speed Infiniband, six K-40 NDIVIA GPUs and six 60-core Intel Phi processors; (b) high-throughput computing with about 400 serial cores; and (c) high-memory computing with a 32 core 1TB RAM  symmetric multiprocessing machine.  All of the compute nodes have access to 400TB of high-speed scratch storage and a 1.5PB capable mass storage system. These cycle and storage resources have a 10 Gbps fiber link to the campus research ring and an Internet2  100 Gbps ethernet outside of ASU.  The data center in ISTB1 is a 5,000 sq ft facility with 2.5 MW of power, chilled water and chilled air from ASU’s physical plant, as well as local chilled water systems, redundant UPS systems, and a back-up power diesel generation plant.

In addition to the physical infrastructure, the A2C2 hosts a team of advanced operations and software application professionals who lead delivery of the hardware, software stack, and network cyberinfrastructure to campus researchers.